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Aceite de las Valdesas

Shipments of Las Valdesas olive oil to USA

Las Valdesas olive oil make the shipments of our olive oils to United States with the guarantee that your order will be collected, channeled and delivered at your address by the leading delivery company and world reference in their sector in which the quality of the delivery of services is concerned (UPS United Parcel Service).

From the moment we record your order in the UPS system, they will send to your email address its situation. Our delivery time to United States is between 12 and 15 working days from the date of confirmation of your order.


Shipping costs to USA

Shipping costs for the USA are calculated according to the weight of the order. The online shop makes the calculation automatically. However, you can find out the shipping costs using the following two tables. In the first one we indicate the shipping costs according to weight and in the second one we indicate the weight of each of our packages.

Shipping costs to USA (in Euros)
1 45.0
2 45.0
3 45.0
4 45.0
5 45.0
6 47.8
7 50.6
8 53.4
9 56.2
10 59.0
11 61.8
12 64.6
13 67.4
14 70.2
15 73.0

The weights of the packages to calculate the shipping costs of an order are:

Weight per package
Package Weight (kg)
Bottle PET 5 L 5
Bottle PET 2 L 2
Bottle PET 1 L 1
Flask 0,5 L 1
Box Set: 3 bottles 3,5
Tin 2,5 L 2,5
Tin 2,5 L Bio 2,5
Tasting box 3,5


  • Shipments to USA must weigh less than or equal to 15 kg.
  • For customs clearance purposes, we need a passport number or identification document of the person who will receive the order. Please include this information in the "Comments/Special Instructions" field.
  • The amount paid on the website is the final price, including all taxes. In other words, the recipient of the order does not have to pay any additional amounts or duties.


How can I make my order? Special offer of 5% discount for your first order.

You can make your olive oil order by accessing to our online shop by clicking here

If you are a new customer and make the registration process on our website, we give you a special offer for your first order of 5% on the total amount of your oil order. Access the Registration Form.

By entering your email address, we will send you by the same way your promotional coupon, so that you can copy it and paste it in the online purchase form. After clicking on the button "use coupon" the system will apply the discount automatically.


What are the shipping costs to USA? Optimize the total cost of your order.

Shipping costs are adjusted to the volume of the order. Up to a weight of 5 kg a fixed amount will be charged. From that weight, a scale is applied, in such a way that the higher the volume, the better relation in the cost of transport. Here are some examples with data taken directly from our online shop:

With 5 %  First order discount  Price Shipping costs Total Price per unit 
1) Order of 1 bottle of 5 litres 50,35 € 45,00 € 95,35 € 95,35 €
2) Order of 2 bottles of 5 litres 100,70 € 59,00 € 159,70 € 79,85 €
2) Order of 3 bottles of 5 litres 151,05 € 73,00 € 224,05 € 74,68 €
Usual Price Price Shipping costs Total Price per unit 
1) Order of 1 bottle of 5 litres 53,00 € 45,00 € 98,00 € 98,00 €
2) Order of 2 bottles of 5 litres 106,00 € 59,00 € 165,00 € 82,50 €
3) Order of 3 bottles of 5 litres 159,00 € 73,00 € 232,00 € 77,33 €



Why to buy Las Valdesas Extra Virgin Olive Oil? 

-       Because we are producers. Our olive oils are homegrown. From our olive trees to our mill and to your home. 

-       Because our olive oils are 100% monovarietal: Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Frantoio. Each one with flavors, aromas and specifical applications. 

-       Because our olive oils are made by cold production process.

-       Because we only sell olive oils from the last harvest. 

-       Because our olive oils are totally pesticide free: farm and facilities with integrated production certification approved. 

-       Because we prepare our olive oil orders upon request: We serve upon request. 

-       We offer a special offer for your first order: If you make the registración process on our website, we send you a promotional action of 5% on the total amount of olive oil in your first order.

-       Because we offer several payment options (Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, transfer). 

-       Because we guarantee the return of your money if you are not satisfied with our olive oils. 

-       And the most important of all them, because we have the confidence and the daily recognition of our friends captured in the form of opinions that you can see by clicking here.