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Best Olive Oil from SpainThe commitment and dedication of ‘Las Valdesas’  in making high quality extra virgin olive oil have been supported by the awards obtained in the most prestigious competitions for extra virgin olive oil:


  • First prize for Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain in 2000 in the category of "ripe fruit", awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.


  • Second Prize for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the category of "Fruity green no bitter" awarded at Expoliva 2005.


  • At Expoliva 2009 the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from ‘Las Valdesas’ was among the five finalists.


  • Silver Medal at Olive Japan, the international extra virgin olive oil competition. 2016.


    • Silver Medal at Olive Japan, the international extra virgin olive oil competition. 2017.

Certificate Expolive AwardCertificate Best Olive oil from Spain 1999-2000


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    : First order


    It was my first order and I tested every oil. Very differend and very good !!!My next order will be the 2,5 liter bio one.

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    : My First Order


    I had purchased olive oils for many years in the USA but was never really educated; just bought what was labelled as EXTRA VIRGIN. Your website took me to a deeper knowledge of this great oil. Last year, I ended up shopping a grocery store in the UK because I did not have enough time to spend in the UK for shipment from Spain. Now, I will ensure I order way ahead to be sent to wherever my spouse and I may want to spend the longer period of a year. Your olive oil is the best taste we’ve ever tasted. Thanks for the good service, too. TOLA.

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