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The environment

Compost from alperujo. Las Valdesas

‘Las Valdesas’ olive grove belongs to an Integrated Production Association (A.P.I.), which offers a model of agriculture between conventional and organic farming in order to develop agricultural products of high quality, and ensures long-term sustainability farming practices from a environmental and economical view point.


The olive grove has a traditional plantation frame and the harvest is done with conventional means, without using industrial collectors.

The olive harvest is done during the day, which does not damage the native and migratory birds that inhabit and take refuge in our olive trees.


On the other hand , at ‘Las Valdesas’ we have implemented a composting process for the alperujo, leftover from the milling process which contains water, pits and some oil. Once composted, is used as soil fertilizer at our farm. This comprehensive closed-cycle oil production minimizes the amount of waste.

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