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Hojiblanca olive oil

The hojiblanca olive tree variety is typical of the central area of Andalusia, and cover mainly the North of the province of Malaga, the South of the province of Cordoba and eastern area of the province of Seville. Its origin is associated to the town of Lucena, in Cordoba, that is why it is also called lucentina.



The hojiblanca olive variety is characterized by the white coloured of the underside of its leaves, hence its name. 

The olive of the hojiblanca olive trees is rounded and with a medium-high size compared to other varieties, like the arbequina and picual. For this reason, their olives, apart from being used to produce olive oil, are also used to eat seasoned.

Hojiblanca olive oil has some bitterness average features compared to other varieties. On the other hand, its content in oleic acid is medium, around 65 to 70 per cent of the total fatty acids. This makes it more resistant to oxidation at high temperatures that other varieties like the arbequina or the royal.  

In this way the hojiblanca olive oil can be used for frying and in crude interchangeably. On the other hand, and according to the people from Cordoba and Malaga, it is an olive oil that "grows" a lot in the pan, so that frying with hojiblanca olive oil quite cheaper than initially it might appear. 

The hojiblanca olive oil has generally a golden green colour, although it depends on the state of ripeness of the fruit at the moment of milling. The greener is the olive, the greener will be the olive oil produced. 

Hojiblanca olive oil consumers tend to be very reliable to the consumption of this variety because it has a very tipycal flavour and aroma.

Where can I buy Hojiblanca Olive Oil?

If you are interested in buying Hojiblanca olive oil, you can see our packaging and prices here


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    : The Best Olive Oil by far


    Our families have been using Olive Oil from Aceite De Las Valdesas for two years.The staff and service is second to none and the price is very competitive for the quality.We personally love the Hojiblanca variety (filtered) which we find suits our tastes and application well.We cannot recommend them highly enough.Try them, you will not be disappointed!

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    : Excellent oil


    Tried the unfiltered oil for the first time - excellent quality. Hojiblanca is our jack of all trades and every day olive oil, Arbequina is the kids favored (fresh bread, oil and salt can makes a meal for them). Picual we use for salads and BBQ.

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    : Olive Oils - all very good


    I have tried all 5 varieties and for me, they are all good but the ones that stand out are, in order of preference: 1. Manzanilla2. Hojiblanca3. Arbequina4. Picual5. Frantoio All excellent, just depends on your taste preference!

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    : Great Value!


    I live in Sweden and it is quite hard to find good olive oil here for reasonable prices. I decided to try the Aceite de las Valdesas and I am surprised by how good it is! I got the Hojiblanca variety and I have been using for cooking, pasta sauces and salad dressing. Definitely recommend and I will be ordering other varieties soon.

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    : Mmmmm! the real deal!


    Hola!We bought some of all five filtered varieties to see what the differences are and we've loved them all! You guys are doing a great job. During the summer we had some fun - inviting neighbours and friends to socially-distanced tastings and enjoyed sharing what we bought. We like Hojiblanca for cooking, Picual for dipping bread, and we've liked it and Manzanilla to liven up pasta. Given the 'entry-level' description for Arbequina we were a little surpised by an unexpected but not unpleasant catch in the back of the throat. Frantoio is probably the all-round favourite in this household, and is the one our neighbours come back for. We're really looking forward to trying some unfiltered oil in the near future. We had a little problem using my credit card from the UK, but that was easily resolved ...

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    : Very tasty olive oils


    Very good value, the hojiblanca was our favourite. Delivery was efficient and we will definitely order again in the future.

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