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Aceite de las Valdesas

The Estate

Finca Las Valdesas, olive trees and olive mill

The Valdesas estate is located in the geographical center of Andalusia (Spain), South of Córdoba in full countryside, in the municipality of Puente Genil.

It is located on the left bank of the river Genil, which takes water to irrigate the olive grove.

The farm is composed by its olive grove; its farmhouse, typical of indigenous building; and its oil mill and cellar.

This allows us to completely control the entire process of production of our olive oils, from  planting  olive trees, fruit growth, harvesting olives, milling, storage, and packaging.

In our videos we explain each step of the production of our olive oils.

The traceability of our extra virgin olive oil is completely guaranteed.

Our customers are assured of using authentic extra virgin olive oil of Andalusia.

In fact, thanks to Google Maps, you can see exactly the plots of olive grove from which the olive oil with extra virgin olive The Valdesas comes from.

In summary, Aceite de Las Valdesas is spanish extra virgin olive oil direct from the producer.



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Testimonio autor
Michael Arjona Berg 03/27/2024
“ Excellent olive oil ”
Really tastefull. Easy and dependable shipping. My go-to place for olive oil.
Testimonio autor
Kevin Moore 03/25/2024
“ Fantastic Olive Oil ”
Great Olive Oil at a good price, delivered promptly.Wonderful, helpful staff.Very highly recommended.
Testimonio autor
Salar Abbas 03/22/2024
“ Great oil as always ”
This is a great product. I ordered it often. I tried a lot of different olive oils. But this is one of the best.
Testimonio autor
Yaman Saker 03/01/2024
“ Excellent taste ”
Excellent olive oil, I recommend it, it tastes good. Ill pay again 😃
Testimonio autor
He Li 02/28/2024
“ Best Olive oil I've had ”
The price quality is top notch. We order from here every time when needed. The delivery is send on time.
Testimonio autor
bert schreck 02/23/2024
“ Very tasty ”
Very tasty, a good adding to every kind of salats, meat and fish.