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Aceite de las Valdesas
New harvest 2023-24 Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

Why to buy extra virgin olive oil Las Valdesas?

Our own Crop

From de olives trees to the mill, and directly to your home


100% Single Varieties

Five varieties: Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca, Frantoio y Manzanillo



Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, awarded by Spanish Agriculture Ministry.


Filtered and unfiltered

Filtered and unfiltered oils with minimun handle

Harvest year

We indicate the year of olive oil production

Free from pesticides

All of our oils are free from pesticides

Ours Packaging

Why to buy extra virgin olive oil at Las Valdesas online shop?

More than 10 years online, more than 10.000 customers online, and thousands of orders sent


We only grow olive trees, produce and sell olive oil

Sure payment methods

MasterCard, Visa, PayPal©, ApplePay, Bank Transfer

Pack on demand

so you will be sure that it's fresh olive oil.

Purchase discount

we offer first-time purchase discount to taste our oils

Back Guarantee

If you don´t like our oils, we give your money back

Olivo Customers Reviews Our online customers give their opinion: More than 5398 verified reviews"
Jenny Levén 04/13/2024
“ Very good olive oil ”
Very good oil, fast delivery and good service. I would really recommend it.
Michael Arjona Berg 03/27/2024
“ Excellent olive oil ”
Really tastefull. Easy and dependable shipping. My go-to place for olive oil.
Kevin Moore 03/25/2024
“ Fantastic Olive Oil ”
Great Olive Oil at a good price, delivered promptly.Wonderful, helpful staff.Very highly recommended.
bert schreck 02/23/2024
“ Very tasty ”
Very tasty, a good adding to every kind of salats, meat and fish.
Raimonds Makars 02/17/2024
“ The best olive oil I ever had ”
So the situation is that where I come from good olive oil is really expensive and the quality is a hit or miss so I looked for options online to buy it in bulk directly from the maker. I ordered Arbequina olive oil and absolutely loved it. My boyfriend, sister and siter-in-law also rated it as a very fine oil and now we are ordering another batch of Picual and Hojiblanca to explore the bouquet of flavours Aceite de Las Valdesas offers.
Kevin Moore 02/16/2024
“ Amazing Olive Oil ”
Whichever of the 5 varieties of Olive Oil that you choose from Aceite de Las Valdesas, you will be amazed at the quality and taste. Everyone that I introduce to this great Company and fantastic olive oil becomes a regular customer.Try it, you will not be disappointed!
La Finca
Our Estate

Las Valdesas state is an olive tree farm sited in the geographical centre of Andalusia, Spain. (You can have a look at Google Maps).

We have an olive grove with five different varieties of olives trees, and with its olive fruits we produce five single-variety extra virgin olive oils.

The oil is preserved in stainless steel tanks with an inert nitrogen atmosphere to prevent oxidation. We package the oil on request so that our customers enjoy the oils as freshly made.

You can watch our videos on the elaboration of oils, with which we have obtained several quality awards.

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Noticias Aceites de las Valdesas
Ours News

12/19/2023. Extra virgin olive oil from the new 2023-2024 harvest now available.

The unfiltered extra virgin olive oils from the new campaign are now available: picual, arbequina, hojiblanca and frantoio.

Organic olive oil will be available in January.

11/28/2023. We continue with the PRE SALE of our unfiltered extra virgin olive oils of the new harvest 2023-24: Arbequina, Frantoio, Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Picual.

Place your order and we will send it to you in two or three weeks.

We solve your Frequently Asked Questions

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, within the virgin olive oils, the category of olive oil with highest quality.
To consider as extra virgin olive oil, the product must have two conditions: a chemical condition, summarized in the percentage of acidity, and the organoleptic analysis, of flavor and… Read more

Organic olive oil is olive oil produced following the European regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products (EU Regulation 2018/848).
We are going to be a little more specific.
What is the difference between an organic olive oil and a conventional … Read more

Promotion First-time Purchase Discount


and enjoy a first time purchase 5% discount coupon!

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Ours Varieties
Promotion First-time Purchase Discount


and enjoy a first time purchase 5% discount coupon!

I want that discount! >>