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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 L

Crop 2019/20 Arbequina y Frantoio. Cosecha 2018/19 Picual, Hojiblanca y Manzanilla


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Las Valdesas 5 Litre own crop single variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil pet bottle


  • First Cold Extraction.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively from olives from the last harvest.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil with High levels of natural polyphenols . (what are these?)
  • Olive Oil without pesticide residues (View analytics in the following tab).


  • Integrated Production Extra Virgin Olive Oils (only filtered olive oils).
  • Certified Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils (only filtered olive oils).


  • Start of Harvest: End of October/Beginning of November.
  • Origin of the olives: Las Valdesas Estate (Puente Genil, Córdoba).
  • Production process in less than 24 hours in our own mill.
  • System Process:Continuous extraction in two phases at cold temperature.
  • Storage in stainless steel tanks and inerted atmosphere to avoid oxidation.
  • Packaging on request.

Varieties: which variety to choose?

  • Arbequina: Sweet, without any bitter notes. (more)
  • Picual: Bitter, stable at high temperatures and healthy. (more)
  • Hojiblanca: Versatile, both crude and for cooking. (more)
  • Manzanilla: Peculiar. Complete and with high levels of polyphenols. (more)
  • Frantoio: Slight pungent and bitter. Complex Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be used in crude. (more)

Filtered an unfiltered extra virgin olive oils

  • Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available from their production in November to four or five months later.
  • Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available the rest of the months of the year.
  • To learn more about filtered and unfiltered extra virgin olive oils.


PET is a practical and economical packaging to store Olive Oils, but there are some precautions to keep in mind for its correct preservation:

  • Keep the Olive Oil in a cool place, away from the light and from stong smells.
  • Close the cap after using it.
Extra Virgin Olive Oils Analysis Report













Free Acidity (º) 0,21 0,16 0,16 0,46 0,23 0,17
Peroxides Index (meqO2/kg) 6,2 9,6 9,6 7,7 12,6 5,2
K 270 0,11 0,13 0,13 0,17 0,15 0,16
K 232 1,81 1,73 1,77 1,96 1,90 1,89
Delta K <0,01 <0,01 <0,01 <0,01 <0,01 <0,01
Tasting (1 taster) Virgen Extra Virgen Extra Virgen Extra Virgen Extra Virgen Extra Virgen Extra
Polyphenols (mg/kg) 596 415 361 469 546 532
  • aceituna 1

    Oussama Moghrabi: WoW

    June 8, 2020, 8:19 a.m.

    Just wow, what a taste, much better than any oil i have ever taste.

  • aceituna 2

    John Short: Fast service - Excellent quality

    June 3, 2020, 12:06 p.m.

    I bought some oliive oil for the first time in April 2020 and was very impressed with the service and quality. I have now ordered more and am very keen to try the new crop this year.

  • aceituna 3

    Tola Adenle: My First Order

    April 8, 2020, 1:26 p.m.

    I had purchased olive oils for many years in the USA but was never really educated; just bought what was labelled as EXTRA VIRGIN. Your website took me to a deeper knowledge of this great oil. Last year, I ended up shopping a grocery store in the UK because I did not have enough time to spend in the UK for shipment from Spain. Now, I will ensure I order way ahead to be sent to wherever my spouse and I may want to spend the longer period of a year. Your olive oil is the best taste we’ve ever tasted. Thanks for the good service, too. TOLA.

  • aceituna 4

    Nabil Kayyali: Nabil K

    Jan. 9, 2020, 11:34 a.m.

    Best Olive Oil I have ever tried

  • aceituna 5

    Jose A Martin: Amazing olive oil

    Dec. 27, 2019, 10:56 a.m.

    I use olive oil daily so I really enjoy the different taste that brings every olive oil I have tried from las valdesas. Price wise is also a no brainer. Price/quality wise is the best oil I can get in Germany I am going to order again.

  • aceituna 6

    Boris Cousin: Excellent

    Nov. 9, 2019, 10:46 p.m.

    Excellent oil and fantastic service. Thank you very much ! Huile excellente, nous n'achetons plus que cela ! Merci !

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