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Best Value for money Olive oil

Our goal as a farm and Olive Oil producers is to offer to our customers the best olive oil to the best relation quality price

For us the sentence "more than an extra virgin olive oil" pretends to be something more than a made sentence. Twenty years ago the extra virgin olive oils were unknown to the people. 

Currently everybody knows something about them, although many people do not know exactly what is the difference between an "extra virgin" of an olive oil simply labelled as olive oil. 


Although the category "Extra Virgin" only represents those olive oils of the highest quality, we believe that the category has been shortened, since nowadays are produced olive oils with higher levels of quality than those stipulated in the extra virgin legislation.

Two examples:


- To be extra virgin olive oil, the acidity level must be less than 0,8º. The acidity of our olive oils are around 0.1 and 0,3º. (See analysis reports).


- To be extra virgin olive, they must not have defects of taste and smell, and in a tasting panel, half of the tasters should consider that the olive oil has fruity flavors and smells. In our point of view, this criterion is a bit "soft", even more when it is the subject which most can appreciate the consumer.


Another guarantee of the quality of our extra virgin olive oils are the awards obtained over the years (Ministry of Agriculture, Expoliva, Olive Japan). You can have a look at them here. (See awards).


Some companies that produce high qualitiy extra virgin olive oils, try to differentiate their olive oils of the rest of extra virgin olive oils by using very cared and personalized bottles and tins but it increase a lot the final price. 

Our idea is to offer our high quality extra virgin olive oils at an affordable price for their use for everything, offering them in non expensive packagings and that allows to the consumer to appreciate the quality of an extra virgin olive oil by its flavor and aroma, instead by a cared packaging. (See packaging and pricing

Little by little, the answer of our customers confirm us that our approach, although complicated, is not wrong or unreasonable.


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    : Great oil, returning customer


    It’s really useful to be able to order directly from the producer, as well as always having oil at hand

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    : Great fruity olive oil


    We have tried the unfiltered olive oil and found it to have a great taste. Combined with a reasonable cost, it won't be the last time we order olive oil from here.

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    : The Best Olive Oil by far


    Our families have been using Olive Oil from Aceite De Las Valdesas for two years.The staff and service is second to none and the price is very competitive for the quality.We personally love the Hojiblanca variety (filtered) which we find suits our tastes and application well.We cannot recommend them highly enough.Try them, you will not be disappointed!

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    : Quality is perfect!


    I ordered all types of oil to try them and liked all of them. I can recommend all, too.Now I´m going to make my own pesto from my garden herbs with Arbequina, because its taste underlines the taste of the herbs without overwhelming them. Thanks for this great oil!

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    : Organic & unfiltered Olive oil


    The organic un filtered is the real deal of a true Olive oil.. loved it. The best taste ever of all the olive oils We have ever tried. For some it may be an acquired taste, but for us this is the real deal.. true Olive Oil, not altered ! For sure will stick to this moving forward !

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    : The real deal


    This is the best olive oil I have ever had. We chose the unfiltered versions of all 5 varieties to see which one we liked the best. It's hard to choose between them as they are all very good indeed. Much much nicer than the stuff in the supermarket in the UK

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