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Aceite de las Valdesas

Frantoio olive oil

It is a variety that comes from the Italian region of Tuscany. The cultivation of this variety is not very widespread in our country.

The olive is oval, resembling a drop, with a medium size (approx. 3 gr), and an 85% pulp/seed ratio, which provides an interesting fat yield (around 20%). The olive tree is medium-large in size, open in shape and well adapted to areas with cold climates. 


Frantoio Olive Oil properties

It is a very fresh olive oil, with an initial intense green colour and outstanding vegetal notes in its aroma and flavour, intensely fruity with hints of grass, artichoke and green almond. As for its tasting, at first it is appreciated as a fine, creamy and velvety oil, sweet that evolves to soft spicy tones in the throat. 


Uses of Frantoio Olive Oil

Ideal olive oil for raw consumption, for dressing salads, potatoes and pasta. It also goes very well with steamed white fish or marinated blue fish recipes. 


¿Where can I buy Frantoio Olive Oil?

If you are interested in buying frantoio olive oil, you can check our packaging and price here.

Olivo They have already tasted it Our customers More than 5398 verified reviews"
Testimonio autor
Richard Henley 02/07/2024
“ Richard Henley ”
The unfiltered Frantoio has great taste with quite a 'kick' after swallowing but after the first few days, we got used to this and really enjoy our daily dose! Will be ordering more when it becomes available.
Testimonio autor
Raimondas Petrėnas 01/29/2024
“ Tried all Valdesas EVO kinds ”
All are excellent , so my favorite is Frantoio , unfortunately sold out now
Testimonio autor
Josef Wagner 12/11/2023
“ Organic Oil -good taste/value ”
Usually purchase the organic blend. Fits my needs perfectly.Also fancy the frantoio variety
Testimonio autor
Iveta Jakubova 12/04/2023
“ amazing olive oil ”
I have been using your amazing olive oil for a year now. About to place my 3rd order. My favourite is Frantoio, but when it;s out of stock then I bought the other ones and they are also very delicious. I have tried all packaging and like the metal tins best. Thank you for making the amazing olive oil!
Testimonio autor
Pawel Zielinski 08/07/2023
“ Wonderful Olive Oil ”
Recently I bought in Las Valdesas, in addition to Arbequina, a wonderful Frantoio olive oil. I really like its aroma and taste. This is the third variety of olive oil that I buy because also picual is perfect, especially for frying. Thank you Las Valdesas.
Testimonio autor
Susana Wittern 05/13/2023
“ Out of this world ! ”
I have accidentally came across this manufacturer and tried your oils and Voila!I was flashed !!! The taste is so pure, the aroma is pure olive and the quality is silky, I have been ordering my Oil direct from Italy but this is a lot better! Full recommendation for Arbequina, Frantoio and naturally the Picual. Thank you so much.