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    : Olive Oils - all very good


    I have tried all 5 varieties and for me, they are all good but the ones that stand out are, in order of preference: 1. Manzanilla2. Hojiblanca3. Arbequina4. Picual5. Frantoio All excellent, just depends on your taste preference!

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    : Fantastic oils, perfect service


    Bought unfiltered oils. Enjoy all of them using daily. Arbequina is an all-round type, while Frantoio is for special occassions with clear bitter in a throat. Love them.

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    : Great product


    My olive oil arrived in the expected day. The quality of the oil is just amazing. Frantoio is definitely my new favorite oil

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    : Mmmmm! the real deal!


    Hola!We bought some of all five filtered varieties to see what the differences are and we've loved them all! You guys are doing a great job. During the summer we had some fun - inviting neighbours and friends to socially-distanced tastings and enjoyed sharing what we bought. We like Hojiblanca for cooking, Picual for dipping bread, and we've liked it and Manzanilla to liven up pasta. Given the 'entry-level' description for Arbequina we were a little surpised by an unexpected but not unpleasant catch in the back of the throat. Frantoio is probably the all-round favourite in this household, and is the one our neighbours come back for. We're really looking forward to trying some unfiltered oil in the near future. We had a little problem using my credit card from the UK, but that was easily resolved ...

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    : Great oil and great service.


    Many thanks for the delivery of olive oil. It was my first order and I got a Hojiblanca, Picual, Frantoio and Arbequina. It arrived quickly and I am still enjoying their great taste. Thanks very much and I would gladly recommend Las Valdesas.

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    : Excellent oils


    Both the hojiblanca and frantoio were of very high quality and were much enjoyed.

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