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Aceite de las Valdesas

Single Variety Olive Oils

At ‘Las Valdesas’ we grow five different varieties of olive trees. We harvest and mill the five types of olives separately to obtain five single variety extra virgin olive oils, each one with different characteristics, so that our customers can try and use them according to their preference in their kitchen.



Variety typical of Tarragona and Lerida. Fruity, aromatic and smooth. Virtually no bitter or spicy notes, making it ideal for people that start in the consumption of extra virgin olive oil. We propose to use it during breakfast, French toasts, as well as delicacies in which you want to avoid the presence of intense olive oil.


This variety is typical of Tuscany, a region renowned in oil production. Creamy and unique: It is one of the few Spanish frantoio that currently exist in Spain. As fruity and aromatic as the Arbequino, but with a light and elegant spicy touch in the throat. Ideal for dressings and other natural and fresh dishes.


Feature variety of central  Andalusia. We consider it the most versatile oil in the kitchen: stews, roasts and fries. Mean values in terms of sweet, fruity and bitter notes.


Rare in the market. Oil with particular notes and body. To surprise the most discerning and to experiment with traditional dishes with slight changes.


From Jaen. Classical bitterness and spicy aftertaste. The healthiest one for its high concentration of antioxidants. For people accustomed to olive oil.


Olivo They have already tasted it Our customers More than 5398 verified reviews"
Testimonio autor
Michael Arjona Berg 03/27/2024
“ Excellent olive oil ”
Really tastefull. Easy and dependable shipping. My go-to place for olive oil.
Testimonio autor
Kevin Moore 03/25/2024
“ Fantastic Olive Oil ”
Great Olive Oil at a good price, delivered promptly.Wonderful, helpful staff.Very highly recommended.
Testimonio autor
Yaman Saker 03/01/2024
“ Excellent taste ”
Excellent olive oil, I recommend it, it tastes good. Ill pay again 😃
Testimonio autor
He Li 02/28/2024
“ Best Olive oil I've had ”
The price quality is top notch. We order from here every time when needed. The delivery is send on time.
Testimonio autor
bert schreck 02/23/2024
“ Very tasty ”
Very tasty, a good adding to every kind of salats, meat and fish.
Testimonio autor
Raimonds Makars 02/17/2024
“ The best olive oil I ever had ”
So the situation is that where I come from good olive oil is really expensive and the quality is a hit or miss so I looked for options online to buy it in bulk directly from the maker. I ordered Arbequina olive oil and absolutely loved it. My boyfriend, sister and siter-in-law also rated it as a very fine oil and now we are ordering another batch of Picual and Hojiblanca to explore the bouquet of flavours Aceite de Las Valdesas offers.