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Aceite de las Valdesas

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with mild flavour

Sometimes and after receiving phone calls from customers, they often ask us that they wish to buy a mild extra virgin olive oil. In most cases, they want an extra virgin olive oil neither bitter nor pungent taste or simply  without any pungent notes (some comment that "do not grip the throat").

With the above characteristics it is the commercial category mild olive oil, (the old 0.4 º) which is a mixture of refined olive oil, without any flavor and a percentage (10% aprox.) of Virgin or Extra virgin olive oils to give a slight touch of flavor. But it is not extra virgin olive oil, it is a mixture, so the healthy benefits of the extra virgin olive oil are diluted. 

The solution below.


Varieties of extra virgin olive oils with mild flavour

There are some varieties of olives that naturally produce a mild flavor extra virgin olive oil. Varieties like arbequina, picudo and royal, for example, are some of them that give a very mild olive oil, friendly to the palate and without any bitter notes.

Both the royal, from the area of Cazorla (Jaén) and picudo, from Córdoba, are olive oils with a very limited production, can be difficult to find them, and so, very expensive. However, arbequina is much more widespread and usually has a more affordable price.

Although they are soft tasted varieties, it is not advisable to consume them at the beginning of the campaign or very green because they will not be as sweet as you could expect. It is also recommended them to be filtered.


Uses of extra-soft virgin olive oil.

We recommend the use of extra-soft virgin olive oils for children in breakfasts and snacks. We also recommend it for confectionery, as a substitute for butter, and for the elaboration of mayonnaises, replacing sunflower oil, but not everyone likes the result.


Where can I buy mild extra virgin olive oil? 

In Las Valdesas we produce arbequina extra virgin olive among other varieties, which has a mild flavor. You can see our packagings and prices in our online shop.