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Aceite de las Valdesas

Extra Virgin Olive Oils Analysis Reports. Las Valdesas


We have the analyzes of the olive oils from Las Valdesas corresponding to the 2023/2024 harvest.

All of them are classified as EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS

Extra Virgin Olive Oils Analysis Report from 2023/24 harvest













Free Acidity (º) 0,13 0,15 0,11 0,26 0,25 0,19
Peroxides Index (meqO2/kg) 5,7 7,0 5,5 5,5 8,0 5,4
K 270 0,11 0,10 0,13 0,11 0,14 0,12
K 232 1,80 1,53 1,60 1,50 1,87 1,76
Delta K <0,01 <0,01 <0,01 <0,01 <0,01 <0,01
Tasting (1 taster) Extra Virgin Extra Virgin Extra Virgin Extra Virgin Extra Virgin Extra Virgin
Polyphenols (mg/kg) 191 345 267 365 435 279

The high levels of polyphenols in most of the varieties are striking. These polyphenol values, except in the Arbequina and Hojiblanca varieties, exceed those required to be indicated on our labels:

"olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of lipids in the blood against oxidative damage", according to the EU regulations.

Below you can get brief information about the meaning of each parameter:

Acidity.- It is a general index about the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils. It indicates the quality of the olives at the moment of the milling, as well as the care during its production and preservation. (more about the acidity of the virgin olive oils). An extra virgin olive oil must have a level of acidity below 0,8º.

K270.- It offers an indication of the secondary oxidation level , since it measures compounds generated on it: Aldehydes, Ketones and conjugated Trienes. Those Olive Oils with high levels of K270 should get defects of Rancidity. To be Extra Virgin Olive Oil, k 270 levels must bebelow 0.22.

K232.- This level offers a general indication of the primary oxidation levels. It is more generic than the peroxide index. To be an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, k232 level must be below2.5.
Delta K.- It detects mixtures of virgin olive oil with refined olive oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have values of delta K below or equal to 0.01.

Polyphenols.-Polyphenols are Olive Oil natural components with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is considered that a daily consumption of 20 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a concentration of polyphenols over 250 mg/kg prevent the fats oxidation in the bloodstream (more about polyphenols).


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Pesticides Analysis Report

Our company is certified and follows all the procedures as Integrated Production Agriculture. We try to minimize the use of fertilizers in our olive fields. All our olive oils are free of traces of pesticides.