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Which is the density of oil?

There is not a single oil density, since there are many types of oils. 

In general the relative density of most oils, both mineral and vegetable, is between 0,840 and 0,960

A simple and general oil definition could be: oils are fatty substances that are in liquid state at room temperature.

Oils are usually classified by its origin. Mainly they are vegetable oils or mineral oils. Original animal fats are not usually liquid at room temperature and they are called butters or simply fats. 

Oils density is always lower than that of the water, so that all the oils float in it and remain on the surface.

The density of the oil changes with the temperature. As the temperature rises, the oil expands, and therefore its density decreases. It is therefore necessary to express the density of the oil in relation to the temperature.


Density of some vegetable oils:

The vegetable oils density indicated below is the relative density with water at a temperature of 20 º C, except that of palm and coconut oils, which are taken at 50 and 40 °c respectively.


Relative densities of some vegetable oils 

Type of oil

Relative density

 Sunflower oil 

0.918 - 0.923

 Soybean oil 

 0.919 - 0.925

 Peanut Oil 

 0.912 - 0.920

 Olive oil 

 0.913 - 0.916

 Palma Oil 

 0.891 - 0.899

 Coconut oil 

 0.908 - 0.921

Corn oil 

 0.917 - 0.925

 Rapeseed oil 

 0.910 - 0.920

 Linen oil 

 0.926 - 0.930

Cotton oil 

 0.918 - 0.926

 Safflower oil 

 0.922 - 0.927


Relative and absolute density in vegetable oils: 

The above information is water-related densities at 20 º C. If you want to know the absolute density in kg/m3, for example, we only need to know the density of the water at 20 º C, which is about 998,30 kg/m3. Simply by multiplying the relative density of the oil by the density of the water we get the absolute density of the oil in kg/m3.

For example; What is the absolute density of rapeseed oil in kg/m3 at 20 º C?We take from the table the medium relative density value of rapeseed oil, 0,915 and multiply it by 998,30 kg/m3, resulting in 913,44 kg/m3.


Density of mineral oils: 

Mineral oils are derived from petroleum distillation. There are many different types of mineral oils with multiple uses: refrigerants, dielectrics, lubricants, etc.

There are many companies that produce them and the variants that are generated with the amount of added additives are enormous. 


According to the general mineral oil density, it can be said that it is between 0,840 and 0,960, in relative densities.