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Aceite de las Valdesas

What is the best olive oil for toast?

Starting the day with a breakfast that includes toast well soaked in extra virgin olive oil, the only oil we recommend eating raw, is a good start to the day because:


  • It contains the calories you need to do you work in the morning.
  • It contains an adequate daily dose of polyphenols (3 tablespoons) as an antioxidant.
  • And above all, it is a gastronomic pleasure that you will remember all day.

But there are various aspects to reflect on with regard to this issue.


What is the best variety of olive oil for toast?

It's a matter of taste. We encourage you to try all the varieties and experiment with the combinations. The ones we propose here are just that, proposals and recommendations.


To eat toast only with olive oil

This is where the olive oil really comes into play, and there is a big difference between a good extra virgin olive oil and a less good one. Since the oil is the only ingredient, at most with a bit of crushed tomato, we suggest varieties with a strong flavor, such as picual, or with more complex or combined flavors such as hojiblanca and frantoio.

And people, please do it properly and don't add salt. If it is a good oil with lots of flavor, then it isn't necessary, (I remember 30 years ago when the salt shaker was always at hand, but those were other times and the quality of most olive oils was quite weak, to say the least).


To eat toast with tomato and ham

Our preferred option. We might not know much about cooking, but we found this to be the perfect pairing (forgive us, gastronomes).

For these cases, our preferred option is a picual or a hojiblanca.

These oils also go well with toast with a bit of cured cheese.


To eat toast with jam, maple syrup or fresh cheese

Here our preference points to an olive oil of the arbequina variety with a mild taste without bitter notes. Its characteristics are perfectly adapted to these ingredients, and it is a healthier option than butter.



The only conclusion and the only advice are to experiment and try different varieties and variants. You'll surely be surprised!


Other disquisitions

Toast with garlic and oil, or oil with garlic

I admit that I was hooked on toast with garlic oil for quite some time. The classic bottle with a couple of cloves of garlic added. For this, by the way very healthy, alternative, a really good extra virgin olive oil is not necessary because the garlic masks all the nuances that an extra virgin can have. However, personally, I loved toast with extra virgin olive oil and marinated garlic. I had to quit because my social life was suffering, despite the conscientious toothbrushing and mint gum chewing.

Sometimes I am tempted to relapse, but to eat it for dinner and hope that the intensity of the garlic will disappear during the night. But I haven't even dared proposing it to the family.

Another variant is the widespread "cold" garlic directly on the bread. This I am not experienced in. It is undoubtedly more traditional and informal, but less practical as the smell of garlic gets on your fingers.


Modus operandi

There are basically two versions, pour the oil on a plate and soak small pieces of bread in it, so the oil is absorbed in the bread, or place half a bun or a slice of toast on the plate, and spray the oil on the bread with a good oil bottle.

The first is easier to achieve and is recommended for "newbies" since the second, which is intended to soak the bread without spilling oil on the plate, is for more "professionals". In this second version, you need to cut up the bread to ensure that enough oil is added, especially if it is toasted.


Formalities at the table

The big dilemma arises before the question "is it allowed?" or "is it advisable to dip toast in coffee, tea, hot chocolate...?" What I've learned about table manners clearly says no ... but it's just so good! In the event that you choose to skip the rules, you have to be careful to let the oil drain from the toast before removing it from the plate so as not to stain table and outfit. Should this happen anyway, don't worry about the drops of oil that end up in the coffee, it is just a sign that you have dipped the bread well.