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Aceite de las Valdesas

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.5 L glass bottle

Crop 2023/24

(16,40 €/L) Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 0.5 litre Squared glass bottle from our own crop at 'Las Valdesas'. Cold extraction. 

8.20 € vat included
Everything you need to know

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 0.5 litre Squared glass bottle from our own crop at 'Las Valdesas'.


  • First Cold Extraction.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively from olives from the last harvest.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil with High levels of natural polyphenols . (what are these?)
  • Olive Oil without pesticide residues (View analytics in the following tab).


  • Integrated Production Extra Virgin Olive Oils (only filtered olive oils).
  • Certified Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils (only filtered olive oils).


  • Start of Harvest: End of October/Beginning of November.
  • Origin of the olives: Las Valdesas Estate (Puente Genil, Córdoba).
  • Production process in less than 24 hours in our own mill.
  • System Process:Continuous extraction in two phases at cold temperature.
  • Storage in stainless steel tanks and inerted atmosphere to avoid oxidation.
  • Packaging on request.

Varieties: which variety to choose?

  • Arbequina: Sweet, without any bitter notes. (more)
  • Picual: Bitter, stable at high temperatures and healthy. (more)
  • Hojiblanca: Versatile, both crude and for cooking. (more)
  • Manzanilla: Peculiar. Complete and with high levels of polyphenols. (more)
  • Frantoio: Slight pungent and bitter. Complex Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be used in crude. (more)

Filtered an unfiltered extra virgin olive oils

  • Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available from their production in November to four or five months later.
  • Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available the rest of the months of the year.
  • To learn more about filtered and unfiltered extra virgin olive oils.


Glass is a suitable packaging to store Olive Oils, but there are some precautions to keep in mind for its correct preservation:

  • Keep the Olive Oil in a cool place, away from the light and from stong smells.
  • Close the cap after using it.

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Botella de aceite
Everything you need to know

(16,40 €/L) Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 0.5 litre Squared glass bottle from our own crop at 'Las Valdesas'. Cold extraction. 

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Nutritional analysis of this extra virgin olive oil

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They have already tasted it Our customers More than 1035 verified reviews"
Testimonio autor
Jenny Levén 04/13/2024
“ Very good olive oil ”
Very good oil, fast delivery and good service. I would really recommend it.
Testimonio autor
Tamara del Águila 12/11/2023
“ Excelente producto y servicio ”
Quería hacer un pedido de aceite a Bélgica y probamos con Las Valdesas. Desde el primer al último paso ha sido una experiencia grata: la atención recibida siempre personalizada, las recomendaciones, el transporte llegó todo bien y el producto, excepcional. Este año vamos a repetir, ¡con un pedido de 20l! I wanted to order spanish olive oil to Belgium and we tried the one from Las Valdesas. From the first to the last step, everything ran smooth and nicely: personal phone assistance and recommendations, with the transport everything went fine and the product was extraordinary. This year we will repeat ordering 20l!
Testimonio autor
Iveta Jakubova 12/04/2023
“ amazing olive oil ”
I have been using your amazing olive oil for a year now. About to place my 3rd order. My favourite is Frantoio, but when it;s out of stock then I bought the other ones and they are also very delicious. I have tried all packaging and like the metal tins best. Thank you for making the amazing olive oil!
Testimonio autor
Iveta Jakubova 04/14/2023
“ The best olive oil, we love it! ”
I ordered for the first time in Nov 2022 6.5L, we love the oil and I'm about to place the next order. My favourite is Frantoio. Also love Picual and Arbequina. Hojiblanca is lovely, but for me not strong enough taste, if you want a very plain taste, go for that one, it is still very beautiful tasting oil. I have also introduced the oil to my family in Latvia and my sister has already received her 2nd order.Loti garsiga olivu ella, loti iesaku! Thank you so much aceitelelasvaldesas! Shipment arrived as promised, even few days early. It was so much quicked for my sister in Latvia.
Testimonio autor
Yuliia Lazarieva 03/14/2023
“ EVOO Frantoio ”
Best of the best EVOO. High-quality oil with a refined taste and unsurpassed quality. I recommend this farmer, they are very responsible and fast in order registration and fulfillment. All issues were resolved very quickly. Thank you, we will definitely order more
Testimonio autor
Violetta Osagie 12/22/2022
“ Best Olive oil anywhere! ”
I believe that you simply can't get better olive oil anywhere else.I bought All the varieties and each one is an excellent olive oil. With the Picual variety, you get more polyphenols, which is so good for wellbeing. The website is very user friendly and the excellent customer care from Maria is most commendable.
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