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Aceite de las Valdesas

Box set with 3 bottles x 0.5 L

Crop 2023/24

(17,33 €/L) Box set with 3 bottles x 0.5 L Squared glass bottle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our own crop at 'Las Valdesas' . Cold extraction. 

26.00 € vat included
Everything you need to know

Box Set with 3 bottles x 0.5 L Squared glass bottle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our own crop at 'Las Valdesas'.


  • First Cold Extraction.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively from olives from the last harvest.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil with High levels of natural polyphenols . (what are these?)
  • Olive Oil without pesticide residues (View analytics in the following tab).


  • Integrated Production Extra Virgin Olive Oils (only filtered olive oils).
  • Certified Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils (only filtered olive oils).


  • Start of Harvest: End of October/Beginning of November.
  • Origin of the olives: Las Valdesas Estate (Puente Genil, Córdoba).
  • Production process in less than 24 hours in our own mill.
  • System Process:Continuous extraction in two phases at cold temperature.
  • Storage in stainless steel tanks and inerted atmosphere to avoid oxidation.
  • Packaging on request.

Varieties: which variety to choose?

  • Arbequina: Sweet, without any bitter notes. (more)
  • Picual: Bitter, stable at high temperatures and healthy. (more)
  • Hojiblanca: Versatile, both crude and for cooking. (more)
  • Manzanilla: Peculiar. Complete and with high levels of polyphenols. (more)
  • Frantoio: Slight pungent and bitter. Complex Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be used in crude. (more)

Filtered an unfiltered extra virgin olive oils

  • Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available from their production in November to four or five months later.
  • Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available the rest of the months of the year.
  • To learn more about filtered and unfiltered extra virgin olive oils.


Glass is a suitable packaging to store Olive Oils, but there are some precautions to keep in mind for its correct preservation:

  • Keep the Olive Oil in a cool place, away from the light and from stong smells.
  • Close the cap after using it.

Botella de aceite
They have already tasted it Our customers More than 386 verified reviews"
Testimonio autor
He Li 02/28/2024
“ Best Olive oil I've had ”
The price quality is top notch. We order from here every time when needed. The delivery is send on time.
Testimonio autor
Raimondas Petrėnas 01/29/2024
“ Tried all Valdesas EVO kinds ”
All are excellent , so my favorite is Frantoio , unfortunately sold out now
Testimonio autor
Ingrid Flores Colque 06/08/2023
“ Very good olive oil ”
We are very happy customers of Valdesas. Their product is excellent and everything has worked like a charm!
Testimonio autor
Burkard Roesler 03/02/2023
“ Arbequina Picual Hojiblanca ”
We tried every olive oil and we are very satisfied with all of them, especially Picual was our favourite one
Testimonio autor
Vytautas Meištas 01/07/2023
“ Perfect olive oil! Thanks! ”
This is my second purchase of olive oil from this seller: excellent quality, reasonable prices, and convenient delivery. I organized a group purchase with my friends for cheaper delivery. In a few days, I will make a new order for new crop oil. I am convinced that we should support honest producers and not fat supermarket chains with crazy mark-ups ;-)
Testimonio autor
Robert Humphreys 11/29/2022
“ Excellent Oil ”
We ordered a selection to sample each oil and we were very impressed and intend to order again when the filtered oil is available. Recommended especially with the discounts a available which offsets some of the postage charge to the UK.
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