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Aceite de las Valdesas

Unrefined olive oils

Unrefined olive oils are those which, once extracted, are not submited to any additional treatment to be consumed. According to this definition, unrefined olive oils are only virgin olive oils, olive oils extracted only by using mechanical procedures, and therefore are not at any time in contact with solvents or chemical products. They are the oily juice of the olive.

However, being purist, we could include in unrefining olive oils those raw pomace olive oils. But they are not posible to be consumed without having been refined previously.


Why is it possible to consume unrefined olive oil? 

There are very few vegetable oils that can be consumed without refining, because the olive oil, in most of the plant species, is inside the seed

For example, sunflower oil is found in its pipes, and these contain little amount of oil and water and cannot be squeezed like an orange or an olive. It happens with palm oil or rapeseed too.

Olive oils from olives in poor sanitary conditions are also refined, or those that have been damaged by defective production or conservation. 

Unrefined olive oils preserve all natural substances (carotenes, tocopherols, polyphenols) from the olives with healthy properties for our organism. (composition of unrefined olive oils).

In the refining process of low quality unrefined olive oils (lampantes olive oils), they are subjected to several processes to improve their characteristics of flavor, smell, color, acidity, etc. You can learn more about the refining process and refined olive oils here.


Las Valdesas unrefined olive oils:

In Las Valdesas we only produce unrefined the highest quality of the olive oils, that is, extra virgin olive oil. We also offer these olive oils not only unrefined, but also unfiltered, with minimal manipulation. (See difference between filtered and unfiltered olive oils).

Every year we analyze our olive oils to check their quality and to confirm that they do not have pesticide residues. All in order to guarantee the most natural and healthy olive oils: an authentic olive juice. (see analytics of our olive oils).